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Stock Stories helps you learn about the business behind the stock.  With well over 100 episodes of company case studies, mental models, and more, we’re learning together how to make better investing decisions.


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My Latest Thoughts on

Long Term Investing

Learning to invest in the stock market has been and will continue to be a big journey!  I’m grateful that you’re joining me for the ride.  Below are some of my thoughts are investing in the stock market, and a little bit about my story.


Hi, I'm Alex and I'm an individual investor and podcaster who's curious about the world, especially when it comes to long term investing in the stock market. I'm always looking for better ways to analyze businesses and add more mental models to my brain's tool belt.
An Investing Epiphany

An Investing Epiphany

I was in college when the Great Recession was happening.  There was economic turmoil, and it was inescapable.  Though we certainly were not in a depression, as a country, things were still really bad.  People lost their jobs, their homes, and investments.  I remember...

A Story Begins

A Story Begins

It all started with the Half Price Bookstore.  I was home from college and had decided to go into the bookstore with my sister and browse around for a while.  Then, the thought struck me, “I’m about to graduate and enter the real world - I don’t know anything about...

Mental Model: Bottlenecks

Mental Model: Bottlenecks

Basic Definition Bottlenecks are parts of a process where the result of the overall system is entirely dependent on it.  It is the limiting factor. Explanation of the Concept This is also known as the Law of the Minimum, or Liebig’s law of the minimum.  German...

Mental Model: Fight or Flight

Mental Model: Fight or Flight

Basic Definition Fight or Flight is a biological response to a threat.  Either your natural instinct is to fight the threat and attack it, or your natural instinct is to run away. Explanation of the Concept Coined by Walter Bradford Cannon of Harvard Medical School in...

Mental Model: Opportunity Cost

Mental Model: Opportunity Cost

Basic Definition   This is probably the most important mental model that I have come across and apply in my life, and it permeates almost every thought, decision, and action that I have. To put it simply, if you spend energy, time, money, or other resources doing...

Mental Model: Seizing the Middle

Mental Model: Seizing the Middle

Basic Definition By aligning yourself in a certain domain with favorable characteristics, you are more likely to have greater flexibility and reap more rewards.   Explanation of the Concept Practically, what does this mean though?  The example that Shane Parrish...



Stocks Represent Businesses

Behind every stock is a real business that sells products and servics to customers.  Understanding the business helps us better  understand the nature of the stock.


Valuation Matters

Price is what you pay and value is what you get.  Every stock has an intrinsic value that represents what it is actually worth.


What is Stock Stories?

Stock Stories is a podcast and platform designed to help you, the individual investor, make better decisions.  We look at case studies of real companies and mental models as our main learning tools.

Will You Do An Episode on XYZ Company?

Part of my goal with this platform is to review, research, and present my findings on the largest American companies, which are part of the S&P 500 index. 

Occasionally I will cover smaller companies or companies based in other countries as well.  There’s no guarantees, but if you make a suggestion I’ll try to work it into the show at some point.

What is a Mental Model?

Mental Models are thought experiments that express an idea or principle.  I like to think of them as a framework for worldly wisdom.

Popularized in the investment community by Charlie Munger, they come from a wide range of disciplines, including psychology, biology, statistics, etc.


The Stock Stories podcast explores company case studies and mental models.


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