Hi, I’m Alex Mason.

Alex Mason photo 2018 about me

I’m an investor and host a podcast called Stock Stories.

I’ve produced over 200 podcast episodes to help you decode the business behind the stock.

My work centers around two formats – case studies of real companies, and mental models.

One of my goals is to study every component of the S&P 500, and I’m over 20% of the way there.  You can see my progress here.

In my early twenties I discovered the principles behind investing, which was life changing.  Throughout the past decade my wife and I learned, earned, and invested as much as possible, and by age 30 became financially independent.

Though I’m passionate about investing, secretly, investing is just my favorite way to learn about the world.  It intersects with psychology, math, culture, science, philosophy, and the arts.  It reflects my desire to be multi-disciplinary and to learn, do and teach as much as I can during my time on this Earth.

If you want to say hi, send me a DM on Twitter or write to me at alex@stockstoriespodcast.com

Your Stock Storyteller,