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Every S&P 500 Company
(plus more)


There are currently over 630,000 publicly traded companies in the world. In the United States there are only about 3,600. Even considering American companies though, that is still a lot of companies!

I’ve chosen to grow myself as an analyst and investor primarily by starting out studying the big ones – what are the large cap companies, and what are their characteristics?

The S&P 500 index is one of the world’s most well known indices, and comprises leading American firms. By digging through each one, I hope to help you and I gain a greater understanding of underlying investing principles as well as a broad understanding of different business models, company cultures, histories, and economics.

99S&P 500

Though the list is ever-changing, I will cover all S&P 500 companies from 2018 (when I started the podcast) forward.

Check out the companies we’ve covered on the show below. I’ll update this page as we make progress.