Investing Tools To Help You Make Money While Saving Time

I’m only recommending my favorite investing tools that I actually use. Like you, my goal is to grow my family’s wealth while being both effective and efficient.

Software tools can reduce the most boring and lengthy parts of investing - scrolling through hundreds of pages of SEC documents, grabbing a calculator to add up various account balances, or just trying to understand basic financial concepts.

In the past several years I’ve been investing, I’ve always kept an eye on new developments in financial technology that can help streamline my decision making processes. I’ve kept this list short to include only the best tools that I have personally used.

My Favorite Investing Tools

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Portfolio Management

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is my go-to tool for checking and managing my family’s finances. Not only is it free, but it keeps track of my net worth, cash flow, and investment income, and other important aspects of financial life, across multiple accounts.

I almost can’t believe it but I have been using Personal Capital consistently for almost a decade to help track my family’s finances. It’s such a powerful tool! Seeing historical account changes, as well as the 401k fee analyzer, are also great features.

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Investing Analysis

Seeking Alpha

For the latest market news, tracking my watchlist of stocks, and to read analysis of other investors, you can’t beat Seeking Alpha. It’s a great place to check market moves and various statistics on stocks you’re considering or already own.

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Once you’ve mastered basic financial concepts, it’s time to do fundamental research on the companies you’re interested in. Tikr is a tool that I’m growing to love because it visualizes essential data like sales and cash flow in an easy to use interface.

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How do you learn personal finance principles if you’re just getting started? A fun way is to check out Finny, a free platform that teaches you money fundamentals. In addition to their free service, they have an ad-free stock and fund analyzer that provides bull and bear cases - just input the ticker symbol.

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I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried myself, and that I believe has actual value to you as an investor. If you decide that anything I share here might help you, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please don’t use any products or services if you don’t think they’ll be genuinely helpful.